Zumbini arrives at AvoCuddle

The COVID-19 pandemic has been uncertain times for many of us, leaving us wondering how we will go back to the normality we once knew or if we will be forced to create a new normal. This can be especially daunting for parents trying to find and create activities to keep their child/ren entertained day by day. But fear not, we are here to tell you that we will be returning and with exciting news!

We have partnered with AvoCuddle to tell you zumbini is coming to Greenwich (*squeals with excitement*)

As lockdown measures begin to ease, Zumbini with Sofia have been thinking about the next steps for us and we decided we would continue to bring as much normality as possible to our dedicated parents. We heard your requests and will be bringing our classes to South London, in the best stay and play in Greenwich.

We often use scarves and instruments in our classes and we have taken extra measures to keep your binis safe including a payment option to provide them with their own zumbini kit. A zumbini kit includes everything you need for your zumbini classes including:

  • A bag to keep your zumbini items containing
    • A colourful scarf (for our scarf song)
    • Two shakers
    • A pair of ‘funky’ sticks
    • A special discount code for the following term
  • Personalisation will be available

Read all about the steps we will be taking to keep your child/ren safe within our classes next week.

Until we’re able to continue to provide you with the quality classes we are eager to start up again, we have had some incredible chats with Sandra, the sweet and funny manager of AvoCuddle Playroom including a Q&A that solidifies our view of AvoCuddle as a cute, competent playroom full of imagination. We have shared our Q&A here with you:

Q: How long has AvoCuddle been running?

AvoCuddle Playroom has been open since 10th June 2019, our 1 year anniversary is coming up soon.

Q: This seems like an incredible space! Where did the idea come from?

I co-founded and managed a playroom and with over 15 years of teaching experience I loved to see kids play and explore while being part of their little milestones of giggles, first walks, and even first words.  

Growing up in the catering industry, My end goal is to run my own cafe and play area but when this came to me, I took the opportunity to make it my own and run a playroom with a supervised stay and play idea which is not seen anywhere and found that is what parents and carers want and need. A moment to reply that email, send that message or just zone out without worrying their child has runoff.

Q: I’d love to know the story behind the adorable avocados.

When I decided to take the space, I wanted to create a name to suit the cafe as I would be on their premises and they are serving food and drinks to visitors.  A name that was perfect for me was AvoCuddle, as when you think of somewhere that’s a home away from home and to be greeted by a smile and a hug, it’s great to tell people where you’re going, “I’m going to Av a Cuddle’  we all need a cuddle and more so with little ones.

Q: Would you say you’ve created a community within AvoCuddle?

I would like to think I’ve created a community within AvoCuddle Playroom.  I’ve built a great friendship with little ones as well as parents.  Some come in needing a helping hand, a moan about their partner or their Bessie mate or just someone to talk to away from baby talk.  Parents who have met at AvoCuddle arrange playdates at the playroom and tell me when they are next coming back.  It’s great to feel appreciated and to have their support as messages have been pouring in when I decided to close up.

Q: If a child walked up to you and asked for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

I would give the child a short answer of what I think is best for them while checking/ looking at their parents for a small confirmation it’s ok to answer. I would also tell the child to see what mummy or daddy thinks too as they are the one who is bringing them up the way they feel best and I would not like to confuse the child to what their parents are teaching them and their beliefs.

This Q&A really doesn’t give justice to Sandra’s fun and caring personality and I would recommend visiting the Playroom soon as they open, you could even make it a day trip and visit the National Maritime Museum free of charge. Let’s support our local businesses together 🤩 and continue to create a sense of community. All that’s left is to click the button below and sign up to our waiting list…you can even get a cheeky 20% off the term when the time comes if you use the phrase ‘Av a Cuddle’ when signing up for the waiting list (that’s £10 off!), this is a limited time offer for those who sign up to the waiting list before 4th July 2020.

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