Pet Day!

Those who own a pet will know the joys of having them, often finding them to be your other baby. I know I always try to spoil my little Coco.

Coco came to us when she was four months old, a tiny pom in her monkey stage who was afraid of everything and everyone. She was welcomed into the family with open arms, both from us and the children, Soon she became our chubby ball of fluff and my lovely zumbini assistant. A dog as an assistant you ask? Well, that’s where the concept of Pet Day comes in.

Coco loves to join me in everything I do and I love to have her in everything I do. She is my registered emotional support animal for anxiety and in turn for all of her help, I give her as much of the world as I can and so Pet Day was created to honor our pets and all they do for us (even when we don’t realize it); especially throughout quarantine whether they have been keeping the kids occupied whilst you try to work or that much needed cuddle on the sofa after putting the kids to bed.

Photo Credit: Buddies Doggy Day Care

We have began trialling Pet Day throughout the month of May, and a big thank you to those who joined and provided their feedback. The children who attended really enjoyed meeting Coco and learning about pets, some even being really excited to show me their own pets. After a successful trial, we have decided to dedicate every last Monday of the month as Pet Day where children can have their pets join in (or their stuffed animals as many did during the month of May), and learn how to care for their pets properly. So head on over to your favourite child activity booking site and get your pets ready to dance and sing along!

Coco enjoyed joining us during our trial sessions
She would especially love sitting on me when I tried getting up

Did you know we are expanding to the US? Join us this Saturday June 13th on the KidPass Live Stage free of charge:

  • 1pm ET
  • 10am PT
  • 6pm BST

Be sure to sign up for free by clicking here and visit the KidPass Facebook page for more free classes on their Live Stage.

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