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Learn about rabbits

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This service is great for parties and individual households.

Here you will meet Luna, our gender-fluid rabbit. You will get to meet them via a video call (we will contact you to discuss which platform you prefer) and learn about bunnies.

This is the rabbit you will be greeted by

Luna is a 5-month-old bunny with no clear gender, you will often find us referring to Luna as they/them because of this. In this hour-long call you will receive:

  • The camera will be pointed towards Luna at all times
  • You will learn about a rabbit’s diet, you will also watch them eat a balanced diet
  • You will learn about rabbit behaviour
  • You will learn 5 fun facts about rabbits
  • You will get free access to your bunny worksheets (usually £5.99)
  • You will learn about Luna’s breed, the Lionhead Rabbit
  • Luna will eat a specialised message made from edible paper and ink (great for birthday messages)
  • Luna will be in their playpen surrounded by their favourite toys and snacks
  • There will be a chance for questions
  • We are more than happy to dress up according to the theme of your party
  • We will have a bunny story at the end

Note: You can add learning about gender-fluidness free of charge. Just let us know once you receive our email.


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